“School of Neuro Rehab & Aquatic therapy “: A Speciality Clinic for Stroke, spinal cord and brain injury

GB school logo and mission

Gajanan Bhalrao’ s


………..changing ways of practice and learning to enhance recovery

Where would you want to have your patients with neuro problem have one spot treatment care and training for overcoming their disability? How will learn to manage and improve the recovery of your patient after the acute medical surgical management is done? Can you plan whole day of your patient ? Do you need a school of adult neuro patients?

Gajanan Bhalrao’ s School of neuro rehab  is offering super specialized care for rehabilitation of your neuro patients. It is  specialty center for rehabilitation for  neuro patients. We have  highly trained and skillfull physiotherapist offering holistic care and  problem solving in a team to attain your desired goal and make you functionally independent.


       Pune  .  Pimpri Chinchwad  .  Mumbai  .  


Making Neuro Rehabilitation Simple


At School of neuro rehab , we promote the dignity and self-worth of all of our neuro patients, and strive to give them excellent quality of life, as defined by the caregivers and patients need, individually and as a group. To that end, we encourage patients and care givers along with rehab team to take group decision for goal setting for rehab, self-determination in activities, socialization and be a active /productive member of family and society. School of neuro rehab is not just the rehab centre, but home of life activities specific training (LAST concept) school of neuro patients and education for all passionate therapist in neuro rehab.

GB School of neuro Rehab and aquatic therapy is one step Speciality centre for all the needs of patients suffering for neurological diseases.GB School was developed for providing Intensive training for neuro rehabilitation by experts in neuro Rehab and using advance technologies to provide fast recovery of functional activities.Here we focus on Intensive training with following focus…

1. High intensity- high load training to improve Strengthening

2. High repetitions – each Patient does 50- repetition for each exercises ( with multiple breaks). Evidence shows 10000 repetition need to learn new movement.

3. High frequency- 6 days week

4. High opportunities to practice at home – more practice at home.

5. Exercise designing focus with interesting, engaging and enjoyable activities.



  • To provide task specific training to patient with neurological disability.
  • To make them independent functionally and make them active and productive member of society.
  • To provide intensive therapy with high repetition/ practice, high intensity and regular frequency to provide long hours practice training to each patients. So that patients don’t need to do more of home exercise program.
  • To provide skilled therapeutic care from multiple discipline of neuro rehab.
  • Training of therapist and patients for intensive training for skill training school.


  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Occupational therapy
  3. Speech therapy
  4. Orthotic and prosthetic services
  5. Aquatic therapy
  6. Home care neuro rehab – home visit services

Advance equipment and therapy.

  • Certified Trained therapist in Neuro Developmental therapy (NDT USA), Propriocetive neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Motor learning (MRP Australia ).
  • Body weight support treadmill training for walking
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES) with wireless EMG sensors for Upper limb functional training and wireless heel sensors for walking/ gait training.
  • Virtual reality training with x box 360 kinect, Wii Nintendo for balance, coordination training.
  • Robotic assisted gaming for upper limb training
  • Aquatic therapy : Heated/ temperature controlled pool for aquatic therapy for neuro rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders, weight reduction, fitness and geriatric Rehab.

Aquatic therapy pool

Aquatic therapy for paraplegic

Feature of GB school of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy pool
1. Indoor
2. Temperature controlled 
3. Patient lift with overhead wire rope hoist
4. Open in all season
5. Available through the day and 6 days week. Sunday closed 
6. Hot water shower for pre and post aquatic session. 
7. One to one therapy session


Please contact for booking appointment
9822623701, 9766416156

Address : Gajanan Bhalrao’ s School of Neuro Rehab & Aquatic Therapy

759/30, Anvaya Apartments Flat No 1, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Landmark: Lane opposite to PYC Deccan Gymkhana, near Suvarna Smruti Mangal Karyalaya, behind Goodluck cafe Deccan, Pune

Google location: https://goo.gl/maps/tPXvStB8mKJ2

Email: schoolofneurorehab@gmail.com, gajanan_bhalerao@yahoo.com

Address : PUNE – Shivajinagar clinic

Address : Gajanan Bhalrao’ s School of Neuro Rehab & Aquatic Therapy

Bungalow no 1, Gajanan Housing society, Model colony, Ganesh khind road, Shivajinagar Pune 411015

Landmark: LIC lane, Behind Chitaranjan vatika garden.

Google location: https://goo.gl/maps/tPXvStB8mKJ2

Contact :

Office number : 8007028701

Gajanan Bhalerao (Director ) -9822623701,

Email: schoolofneurorehab@gmail.com, gajanan_bhalerao@yahoo.com

 Respected all dear neuro patients you may go anywhere for physiotherapy but after everything at last please give us opportunity to serve you for some time. Then observe satisfactory improvement in your function and life. So the last option and solutions to your lost function is ” LAST (life activities specific training) Neuro Phsio centre ” for neuro physiotherapy and rehabilitation .

GB festival of patients victory

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