Gajanan Bhalerao’s School of neuro rehab is Pune’s single most largest specialised Neuro rehabilitation centre for stroke, brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, equipped with advance therapeutic devices and highly trained staff who provide tailor-made rehabilitation program with goal of achieving highest functional potential based on subjects needs and occupation. GB school is a rehabilitation institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the treatment of patients with neurological disorders to teaching training them for life activities under the direction of teachers . We have highly trained and skillfull physiotherapist offering holistic care and problem solving in a team to attain your desired goal and make you functionally independent.

Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy works on improving motor control limbs and trunk, sensation, balance and coordination Read more

Aquatic Therapy

Why Aquatic therapy? What is the benefit? Who can Benefit from it?.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, upper limb training, occupational training, ADL training

Speech therapy

Training for speech and language, oromotor training, wallowing training

Home care Neuro Rehab

Home visit therapy by specialized neuro trained therapist .


GB school provide specialty rehabilitation for the following neurological conditions

Stroke Rehab

Neurological Physiotherapy works on improving motor control limbs and trunk, sensation, balance and coordination

Spinal cord injury rehab

Quadriplegic and paraplegic rehab for bed mobility, transfers, wheelchair mobility training, orthotic prescription, indoor and outdoor walking training

Brain injury rehab

Rehab for coma stimulation, cognitive training, bed mobility, transfers, indoor and outdoor walking training

Balance & gait rehab

Balance and coordination training, fall prevention training, Gait analysis and gait training .

Polyneuropathy Rehab

Sensory reeducation, sensory facilitation, balance and coordination, skin protection and walking training .

Basic Training

In this module patient will treated with less intensive training with aim of teaching basic bed mobility, sitting balance, standing balance and walking training. There will 10-20 repetitions of each exercises, more breaks will be provided based on patients physical capacity and tolerance.

Intensive training

GB School was developed for providing Intensive training for neuro rehabilitation by experts in neuro Rehab and using advance technologies to provide fast recovery of functional activities. Here we focus on Intensive training with following focus…

Advance Rehab and Motor Learning

Advance machine and motor learning methods are used to promote movement control in functional activities.

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