Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions:: Bobath Approach

Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions

 1. Neurophysiological considerations.

  • The physical handicap resulting from a lesion of the upper motor neuron is seen in terms of an interference of normal postural control.
  • We are dealing with abnormal coordination of motor patterns.
  • If we speak of ‘patterns of coordination’, we mean the pattern of normal& abnormal postural control against gravity.

 2. The fundamental problem

  • Abnormal patterns of coordination in posture & movement
  • Abnormal qualities of postural tone
  • Reciprocal innervations.

 3. Abnormal postural reflex activity

  • Associated reactions
  • The effect of released asymmetrical tonic neck reflex activity.
  • The effect of released positive supporting reaction.

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DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701,

3 thoughts on “Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions:: Bobath Approach

  1. Reciprocal innervation helps in inhibiting the opposite muscles and this will make agonist easy to activate the muscle without resistance.
    Reciprocal innervation it helps in facilitation the antagonist after the contraction of agonist. this type facilitation and inhibition in the cyclic manner occurs during walking/gait. this helps in contraction of flexors and extensors alternately.


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