What to do while application of Bobath Approach?

What to do while application of  Bobath Approach?

The abnormal patterns must be stopped not so much by modifying the sensory input, but by giving back to the patient the lost or undeveloped control over his out put in developmental sequence.

The basic patterns of posture & movement, the righting reaction & equilibrium responses are elicited by providing the appropriate stimuli while the abnormal patterns are inhibited.

In this way patient the patient is given the opportunity to experience normal movement.

The sensory information of correct movement is absolutely necessary for the development of improved motor control.

Treatment therefore, concentrate on handling the patient in such a way as to inhibit abnormal distribution of tone & abnormal postures while stimulating or encouraging the next level of motor control.

 The abnormal postures & tone are controlled at key point (proximal body parts, I.e. head neck trunk, & sometimes distal parts I.e. thumb & fingers), using reflex inhibiting movement or patterns called as RIPs.

 If the patient lack s tone, sensory stimulation or tapping is used while the RIPs is applied so the is sensory inflow will not shunt into abnormal patterns.

Bobath believes that once the patient can move in & out of normal basic patterns of posture & movement he will automatically be able to elaborate on these patterns to learn the more skilled activities required in daily living.

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DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701 Email:Gajanan_bhalerao@yahoo.com, gajanan.neurophysio@gmail.com

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