Fourth year CBR Project made easy, well planned, organized and fun filled Potential Research questions for a high-quality research project -A trial

All fourth year students  have to do a research project for community health  for partial completion of the exam. Every year, students  are allotted different teachers as guides. topics are provied by the guide or the concerned student,based on need of study and interest.

There are several queries the student faces during project initiation

Selection of topic?

What are the aims and objectives of the study?

What is the method and methodology?

How to go about data collection?

How to make an excel document?

How to find review of literature?

What is the type of analysis?

How to form a questionairre?

How to write the synopsis?

What is to be included in the discussion of the project?

When is the research considered valid?

The guidance obtained by the student may have certain limitations based on time constraints,etc . Fourth year CBR Project  has always  been one of the common problems faced in fourth year.Some students cannot complete the project before prelims so they have to complete the project during their Preparatory leave (PL) time. PL’s period is an extremely valuable time which we cant just utilize for data collection, analysis, editing, printing  and project completion.

So this year I though of  helping all the fourth year students to complete the project by end of December. So that their project will be ready for being presented at the Scientifica 2013,organized by MUHS Nashik!

In the  month of August &  September we  told the students to come with the research topic. Till September end we went  through their topics. By October 15 they had to submit the topic. I had invited every students to come up and present the topic details in front of the whole class and submit a hard copy of the same, i.e. introduction, sample population, sample size criterion, study design and method and methodology, inclusion and exclusion criterion, Review of literature . I helped the students for  the selection of an  appropriate sample size, study design and method whenever  required and added my suggestios when need be. I had taken a lecture on How to design a questionnaire (Thanks to MUHS Nashik, MET cell Pune, where I had attended a workshop Research methodology where they taught us how to design a questionnairre) .  In this process of presentation everybody got a clear idea of the project and everyone learned from each other’s mistakes and good topics came forth.By the end of October eachone had submitted the synopsis of the topic. Now,next two months they will  beworking  on data collection and by 15th of December the plan is to  complete data collection and finish analysis.The results and discussion  will be completed in  the next two weeks, and by 31st December their topics would be submitted for Scientifica 2013

This was a small attempt done by me  to make  the Fourth year CBR Project  easy, well planned, organized and fun filled Potential Research questions for a high-quality research project.Initially there was low compliance by some of the students  because they were asked to do a lot of work within a short period of time and they did not have a clear picture of how to go about it.


Fourth year project Gant chart  click here to see the sample of  Gant chart.

But once all the above mentioned sessions were conducted the students got a clearer idea and started  participating more actively and enthusiastically in the reserch project.Now the project work has taken a kick started and is smooth functioning as everything is well planned and organised!

The below mentioned article is an experience shared by one of the 4th year student.


Anood Faqih(4th yr B.P.Th)

Project…! Research…! Was something each one of us was apprehensive of when we entered the 4th year …

Starting right from what to choose as the topic to how to go about it was a big question mark to us…and one fine day, we were allotted our guides and then it all began….

There were questions flying into our minds “why are we doing this project?” “What is the need?” and “how are we going to manage it with this hectic schedule of ours!”

So, here we take our 1st step…with our class teacher Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao introducing research methodology to us. No! It wasn’t mandatory for him to take the lecture but out of interest and for our benefit and better understanding, he did it all..

He guided us with every step of ours..from choosing the right topic to writing the synopsis to framing the correct questionnaire.

In the class we were asked to think about our individual topics and put our thoughts forward.  There was a lot of confusion about what sample population & sample size i.e. to be taken in a particular type of population. E.g.: musculoskeletal injuries in rifle shooters. Questions that came up were. What should be the criteria for selection? Age group? Duration for which the individual has been practicing rifle shooting? Etc

Then we were given a period of 15 days to come up with the final synopsis.

We made Gantts charts so that we have a systematic overview about our project process and follow it in an orderly manner.

We were asked to submit the gantts charts and put them up on the notice board so that we have a continuous feedback of the things that we have planned. Hardly a few of us had made the gantts chart in the time allotted to us, rest all of us made it in the class during the lecture. There was a better understanding.

Each one of us had to present the topic in front of the whole class. Suggestions from everyone were invited. This individual discussion of synopsis was equally beneficial as we learnt from the mistakes made by our own batch mates and helped us to improve our own. So we learned from our own as well as others mistakes. Before this we had an idea but it wasn’t very clear. Presentations in front of the class and the following discussions made our idea crystal clear.  This helped us in writing the synopsis very well and discussing our point of view with the guides allotted.

This whole process of research and group discussion made us realize the importance of team effort, time management and definitely exchange of ideas.

Now, gradually all the confusion that was once bothering our minds was resolving.

Now, all of us have our concepts changed … the concept of taking research and project as a burden to a beneficial, knowledgeable and interesting one.

Now “our idea is no more an idea but it has become a potential Research Question for a high-quality research project”.

Learning was definitely made fun.. and now this is just the beginning… !!

We are now working on the project, Questionnaire design assessment form, consent letters, data collection by direct interview/emails/telephonic interviews etc.

We are eagerly waiting for that something which started with confusion, turned into a fun learning process and we are expecting fruitful results. Frankly, I’m loving the process of going through it than the ultimate result.  I am sure each one of my classmates also feel the same & are going through the similar kind of emotion.

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DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701,

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