Fundamentals of success I followed in life.

These some basic fundamentals of success I follow, which I learned through my experiences in my life:

  • Live your life like, you are going to write an autobiography which will be inspiration to others. Read more

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  • BELIEVE in yourself at every moment in life.

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  • Appreciate yourself and remember no one in the world appreciates you better than yourself.

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  • Therapists get paid for their skills not for the labor. Read moreP2120091
  • Simple steps of success: FOLLOW footsteps of successful people instead of REINVENTING the same wheel.

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  • When I am on the stage and when I speak, I am the HERO and others are a ZERO.

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  • Always be OUTSTANDING even when you are the part of crowd.

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  • Never protest anyone if they are asking you to come forward in life.

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  • This world is full of  peoples who will pull your legs,Run so fast that no one can catch your leg.

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  • This world is full of people who follow someone,  so you be the LEADER in every given moment.

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  • Nobody in the world can hurt you unless you allow ! Read more

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  • Always talk with the prepared mind. So prepare the mind first before you express yourself. Read more

images images (30) mind

  • Pay attention to Details

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  • Every one will give advises but follow only those people’s advises which they actually walked the path they adviced.

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  • FAMILY always comes first.

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  • I am only successful if my family grows along with me.

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