Fundamental of success i followed in life: Nobody in the world can hurt you unless you allow !

All emotions we feel, we have to work for it. If you feel bad/sad/upset we work for it to feel it. It does not happen on its own.



We We feel bad/sad/ upset…. we work to feel it.
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We tend to follow some of the following ways to show and feel bad. For example, when somebody has a break up in our love relationship…

  • Don’t talk to anyone

girl_wanna_stay_alone-564924images (5)

  • Stay alone

images (2)images (4)

  • Listen to sad songs

31images (3)images

  • Drink and smoke more(some boys)

downloadimages (6)download (1)

  • Try to find friend similar in our situation
  • We think the world is against us

images (11)   images (12)    images (13)

  • We talk in sad words and emotional word

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……by doing all these we start feeling more bad/sad.

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If we don’t work on this we will not feel so bad… We can increase or decrease  the intensity of feeling. So choose wisely.

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If want to feel happy/joy you have to work for it.

  • We discuss with everyone and share with as many as possible

images (16)

  • We celebrate it

download (2)

  • Publicly declare our happiness

images (14)images (15)

This World is full of people who will tell you what you are doing wrong instead of telling what we are doing good. This people will always try to hurt us or demotivate us at every step. When ever they try to hurt … Ask yourself first… What is the importance of that person in your life? …. if he does not have any importance in your life you may not give too much importance to his criticism and insult and ignore him.

If he/she is your closed one or has importance in life then there is difficult situation.  It is the closed one that hurts us most. Becuase they are having some importance in our life. we feel very bad if they scold us or criticize us. If it is genuine criticism accept it and correct accordingly. If not Then you can alter the feeling of emotions. It is you who can increase or decrease the feeling of the hurt. It may happen may not get hurt if you don’t want to. So you can decide if you want to allow someone to hurt you or not.

“Nobody in the world can hurt you unless you allow !”







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DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701,

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