workshop on “KINESIO TAPING : KT1 & KT2″

Sancheti healthcare academy  organising  hands on workshop


Dr. Ankit Srivastava, Coordinator of the workshop

Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao, HOD Physiotherapy department, Sancheti Hospital

Date 29/03/2016 -30/03/2016

Venue: Sancheti Healthcare Academy Shivajinagar Pune.

k tape       k tapes


Cornerstones of the Kinesio® Taping Method:

  • Taping over and around muscles in order to assist and give support or to prevent over-contraction.
  • Applying stretch to the tape or to the target area in order to create space under the skin and create the desired effect on the musculature.
  • Affecting change in deeper layers of fascia by manipulating the skin and muscle.
  • Creating space underneath the skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Utilizing a number of corrective techniques to promote correct muscle and joint function
  • Pain relief by targeting the pain and the source of the pain
  • Utilizing single “I” strips or modifications in the shape of an “X,” “Y” or other specialized shapes
  • Applying base of tape with no tension to create pull towards the base


Sujata Khire, MSc PT, CKTI Senior Physiotherapist & Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor KinesioTaping Association international.

sujata khire

Course Fees: Rs 18500 (for 2 days)

(This includes course fees, Seminar Kit, (the membership and full access to Kinesiotape Association (KTA) Database (198+ Applications), work books, Tapes), certificate of attendance, Light Lunch and refreshments.

Target group :

The course is open for : BPT interns, BPT, MPT, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist,Osteopath, Chiro, Sports therapist, MDs and other musculoskeletal, sports and rehabilitation specialists.

k tape 4        k tape 1           k tape 9


KT1- Fundamental Concepts

• Designed to introduce practitioners to the KT Method

•Covers the four major physiological effects- skin, muscle, circulatory/lymphatic and joint

• Features lab sessions to practice KT applications

• Completion will allow attendees to relax overuse syndrome, stimulate weak muscles and decrease pain and swelling

k tape 3         k tape 2      k tape 6

KT2- Advanced Concepts and Corrective Techniques

(Attendees must complete KTA approved KT1 course before taking KT2)

• Builds on material learned in KT1

• Covers the six corrective techniques- mechanical, functional, space, fascia, ligament/tendon and lymphatic)

• Features lab sessions to practice KT applications

• Completion will allow attendees to apply the KT Method to orthopedic and neurological conditions

                             k tape 7 jpg     k tape 8

Contacts for details:

Ankit Srivastava 9325030523

Gajanan Bahlerao 9822623701

 Registration Form K Taping

Published by GajananBhalerao

DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701,

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