To do or not to do Masters Program in Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked questions.

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Que 1. To do or not to do masters program?

Ans: There are two  parts to this answer

a. Yes, need to do master program.

  1. Master program helps you to improve your knowledge, research & analytical skills. It will help to learn how to present your work.
  2. More Education/training in a specialised field. This will give guidance and direction for your future clinical and academic
  3. It defines your speciality of work field. “We are recognised by work we do, not our name! “. FHFLshgl
  4. Most of the budding therapist who want to join academics should do MPT, because in most of the universities the minimum criteria to join academics is MPT.
  5. If want to join job in a corporate hospital then the salary structure is depends on the your degree. MPT gets 30-50% more than than BPT. Even annual increments are more for MPT, because annual increment is based on your basic pay. as BPT has less basic pay the annual increment is low

b. Not needed to do masters program.

  1. There are few therapist who want to do only clinical practice and don’t want to do put their time and money in masters program. They choose to be only bachelor therapist.
  2. Some of these therapist prefer to do highly specialised courses and workshops and get certification and use that it in clinical practice.FAFZF
  3. Not all masters program guarantee or improve your clinical skills. It may improve the knowledge but clinical skills may lack.

Que 2. Which speciality to do for masters program?
Ans:  Choice of speciality in masters program is very important. Because this speciality and degree will last with you throughout your life. It will define your field of work and interest. So Choose very carefully.


  1. How to to decide speciality? Just introspect your bachelor education and internship. Try to find the posting your enjoyed the most and spent more time beyond regular hour in that posting. If you enjoy it, you will like it, if you like it you will only be persistent in work interest and  excel in that field.
  2. You may ask guidance from your teachers and mentors.
  3. Never comprise the speciality of your interest.
  4.  Try to find out which specificity is saturated or most preferred.
  5. You may choose the branch less explored, which will give you more scope to develop it. ( In  business  trend never join when its growth is at he peak of the bell curve. because after peak there is a fall in the curve.)


Which college to join for masters program?

admission open

  1. Most of the student prefer some colleges more than other and want join only that college at any cost. sometime they take the management seats and join the same college of interest. Please note before you decide college choose speciality  of the course . If you are lucky to get the choice of speciality and college of interest then only join that college. But if you are getting the desirable college but not the speciality of interest, then i would  suggest don’t compromise the speciality of masters program. Only degree will last with forever not the college.
  2. There is significant differences in Undergraduate teaching in different colleges. Due to this there are multiple university toppers in some colleges than other. But there is not significant differences in master program training.images
  3. Note following points when you select he college
    1.  Your guide: guide plays a crucial role in master program. If you any preference of guide join that college.SRSE
    2. Clinical case load for practice: Daily Case load is leading factor for your training and practice. If have more case load, your hands on skill will improve a (1)
    3. Research and Publication. Some institute promote research and publication a lot. It help you to publish few scientific paper before and after you complete your post graduation.
    4. Infrastructure of Institute: Some of the students give more importance to infrastructure. But instead of this give importance to the equipment and instruments they have  in research and clinical practice
    5. Give least importance to a. Proximity form your home/town. b. Accommodation/hostel facility, c. Stipend provided. (Stipend provided is not much, at the cost of compromising you speciality)
    6. College /Tuition fees: In private college on an average the fees is ranging from 1-1.5 lacks of rupees. So depending on your affordability you can select college, but don’t compromise speciality of course.

Shall we go to US / UK/ abroad for Master program? 

There are two part to this answer.

A. Go abroad for doing masters program

images (4)

  1. Masters Courses in UK are 1.5 -1.8 years courses.  Because these course are not full time two years courses, students completed MPT in UK could not join Academics in some university (i.e. MUHS Nashik). Your requires minimum two years master program to be a academician.
  2. Masters Courses in US  are changing fast. only few universities are now providing 2-3 year masters program. Most of the universities are now offering DPT program. Sometime doing master program in US will not get you job in US because their recruitment systems are changing and they will take only DPT on job in near future. So spending 20 lakhs on rupees in doing masters program and then not getting job is a big problem. So think before you join masters program.
  3. Masters Courses in Cananda, Australia, Newzealand, Germany. etc. These countries provide two years masters programs in some specialised fields especially sport, clinical biomechanics and musculoskeltal branches. If you are willing to go for these branches go to these countries. Even UK and US also provide same programs. So take your choice.

cLcfLZhFL      4.  These program are well organised and well conducted

6. It will develop your literature review skills and culture       research methodology

7. You may get job in their respective countries if you pass their licence exam to practice.

8. Good quality of lifestyle

9. worldwide exposure

10. Good salary and income

B. No need to go abroad for masters program

  1. Non clinical courses: Most of the masters program are not fully clinical. Because you need to have practice licence to do clinical course. What is the use of masters programs if it lacks clinical exposure and hands on clinical skills.
  2. MPT through Research courses: most of courses are non clinical  and  research based or academic/lab study based.
  3. Settle abroad: One of the big reason people go abroad because to they want to go abroad work their and settle abroad. But day by day all countries are changing their rules and regulations of working licences and VISA. Politicians want their own people to get job in their country and want to stop immigrant for occupying their jobs.
  4. Job satisfaction: Some of the people who  settled abroad long years back they are satisfied with their job. But those joined few years back they are not satisfied with job and income.
  5. Good opportunities in academics and Clinical practices in India: If you are in academics or good clinical business you can earn same amount of money in India.
  6. Family : You can stay with your own family and culture
  7. You Enjoy your life with here in India


At last i want to say that masters program is must, because in near future only these people will be in demand, and bachelor program therapist will face challenges unless they get specialised expertise in some specific clinical skills.

I highly respect, admire and congratulate all the Bachelor therapist who doing well their respective fields and making a good name in physiotherapy by their work than the degree.

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Published by GajananBhalerao

DR. GAJANAN BHALERAO (PT) MPTh Neuro, NDT Adult (USA), Motor relearning (Australia), Aquatic therapist (Switzerland). Associate professor at Sancheti Institute College of physiotherapy, Shivajinagar, Pune. Founder Director of "School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy" , speciality centre for neuro rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord injury. Mobile : 9822623701,

4 thoughts on “To do or not to do Masters Program in Physiotherapy

  1. Dear Gajanan,A very well drafted and valid points regarding whether to do MPT or not.I would just like to add a few which you may then add up to ur write up if you feel appropriate-1)Bachelors who wish to do MPT abroad and want to get back to India for further-they may face problem apart from the duration of the course you have mentioned in the sense that the specialities(nomenclature) may not match/do not exist with many of the universities here and so they loose the opportunity to get jobs/higher recruitments.2)It would be nice if you can write a separate blog about selecting a topic for dissertation especially with the two yrs of the forth coming MPT programme( where in you have time bound committment)the same point to be added in the existing blog when selecting the dissertation topic whether the institute has enough clinical data available/the type of patients needed for the study/or if the study involves a costly equipment whether the institute can provide it.I congragulate you for bringing up good points for discussion.Pls do not hesitate in asking any help from me.Best Wishes Vivek Kulkarni


    1. Gajanan, excellent entry on the eternal dilemma of most of the students of PT: Whether to pursue Masters or not! I agree with you completely that almost all the degrees offered abroad are non-clinical degrees! They are research-oriented. Students must bear in mind that if they are planning on coming back to India, then getting a foreign degree makes absolutely no sense. On the other hand, if they are planning on settling down in that country (where they choose to do their Masters) then it would certainly help to have a degree from that particular country. That said, one must bear in mind that PT practiced anywhere on this earth is the same, whether in the US, Germany, Australia, or India! One doesn’t give our degrees as much value as we should.

      Lastly, i agree with Kulkarni Sir that most of the degrees acquired abroad are useless in the Indian context because if we choose to get into academics, then our University system does not recognize that foreign degree unless we have a few publications to our names!

      Cheers to all our students on getting their Bachelors degrees, because, let us admit that our Bachelors is so exhaustive that I feel that it makes us a better PT than most of the so-called DPTs who cannot even hold a proper conversation with an Orthopedic Surgeon, regarding patient care!


  2. I am agree with to do master , MPT school is hard, but I do feel like it’s not impossible if you are willing to put in the work. I feel like my success and grades were correlated with how much quality work I was willing to put in. The emphasis being on “quality”. Take a good look at your study habits. Are you effective when you study. Sitting around, reading the book is NOT effective. You have to be using every minute to maximize results. I would spend some time looking at how you study, what works or finding some better strategies now if you feel like you lack. Other than that, be religious in your scheduling and make space for studying.


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