Story of Poonam Aundhekar.
“Learnt to learn!”
So there was this day when I had more than a month left of vacations. I was in a confusion whether to sleep all day or opt for an observership. With heavy heart and to avoid regrets after vacation I thought of giving a try to do a very hard thing for that is try to ‘learn’ something new. So I thought of joining GB school of neuro rehab because of my liking for neuro. (Trying to find shortcuts may be to learn beacuse we all know we learn something fast in things we have ineterest in)< /span>So here comes my 1st day. The moment I stepped in that place that was something very different. The feel, the people, the liveliness of the place, the work ethics. Literally, EVERYTHING! In our graduating years we have always written our long term goal as TO MAKE THE PATIENT INDEPENDENT but how far did anyone achieve it who knows because if in short tern the patient is dependent then it’s difficult to achieve the prefix ‘in’ real soon.< /span>Here I learnt how a therapist can make the patient independent in going through his own treatment without being dependent on the therapist.< /span>As the days passed without realising that I am learning something new everyday I learnt so many things at the end of the day. I always asked myself that why it wasn’t difficult or boring to learn each day? And maybe today I got the that everything taught in GB school of neuro was kept so simple and clear that I didn’t realise that I learnt so much in such a less time.< /span>So if I would want to summarise my whole experience about this place in one line it would be, “I learnt how to make learning easy!”<< /span>ttps:// of Bindiya Ramchandani and Kavita Rajchandani from Indore.