To start your own start up or physio clinic or rehab centres you should educate how to start the business.

Business triangle:



Money doesn’t make you rich or poor, education does!  Robert Kiyosaki

So you  need to educate yourself about “How to  build the dream team?”.

Team plays a significant role is success of any department/business. Everyone wish to have and build the dream team, But one important question is How to build the dream team?  How to select members to the team? How to know they are great or not? Will they add value to the team ?

There are two ways to go for it.

  1. Find great people: Find the best people in the desired field and get them togetherwork with you. Although this looks like  the easiest way but it comes with high cost. If you can afford the it, hire these great people to work with you.
  2. Make ordinary people great: I believe everyone of us has  untapped potential. You need find these potential leaders qualities in people. This ordinary people can do extraordinary things you just nee to to believe in their strength and improve their weakness. Most us don’t know our own potential. We need someone to recognise it and      develop it. As a great leader you should learn the habit of picking up other peoples qualities / abilities and make it great.

I have followed the second step. I couldn’t afford great people directly in my team. I don’t have ordinary people in my team who are doing great job. You need  invest a lot in your team. Understand their strength and weakness of every member of team , give them roles  and  work according to their strength. This helps them in overcoming each others weakness in the team.

How to recruit team members?

Traditionally therapist are recruited based on their resume, their grades in graduation and post graduation. ?Usually people with high grades gets selected for the job. But to work in the rehab team you don’t just need high grades. You need to have good problem solving skills, good communication skills and ability to work in a team. Rehabilitation is team players game.




To build a great team you need to be greatest leader .
A great know potential team members and find ways to make them great.

Simon Sinek teaches leadership very well.
List of his videos

At GB School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy  we don’t recruit employees,  we will add members to our team of neuro rehab. Each member is important and they have specific role to play in the team. Their presence and skills add value to our team.

You can join the team only by invitation from one of the team member. If someone from the team believes and trust in him/her, i believe them and allows them to join the team. We don’t ask for their Resume,  grades or certificates of education. (They have completed their Bachelors/masters that means they have got the required knowledge and skill ). What matter is how they apply this knowledge and skill in patients treatment and problem solving. So everyone need to work for few weeks under supervision. they get selected based on their commitment and performance.

Every member joining team of GB’s School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy has a amazing story to tell. Here we are sharing some of the stories of members joining our team.


This is the story of Manish Raycoordinator therapist at Kondhwa clinic branch

“We are what We choose to be”

My story starts 2 years back when I was struggling to study for my CET exam. I was pretty Adamant for getting admission in Sancheti and doing my Masters in neuro under Gajanan sir from the day when I started loving neuro.
I had heard a lot of things about him from my seniors my UG staff and many more people.
I started loving neuro because of Suryakant Gadgerao sir and it flourished over the period of time.
He always mentioned GB sir and i always thought, who is that person? What does he have? Why people always take his name?
What kind of person he is? How did he got so far?
What made him so great that everyone keeps telling his name?

These questions were storming in my head as i chose to be his student and learn neuro.(I only expected to learn neuro when I decided that)

After CET, as I was expecting, I got admission under him. Few days passed without any interaction, i didn’t know who he was! How does he look like? I took his number from a friend and called him up.

“Hello” the voice said.
“Hello, Gajanan sir!” I continued “I’m Manish Ray. I’m a 1st year student for masters. You are my guide.”
He said OK.
And that’s it.
This was our 1st conversation.

Now I look back to that day and I laugh.
That day i thought how arrogant he is yet he’s the most humble man I’ve ever seen.
Thought I know many things in neuro, and now I think just keep learning.

This transformation occurred just because I chose his company, chose to be his student, chose to listen and follow him, chose to be consistent and the last but not the least I chose him as my MENTOR and He also chose to be the one for me.

Those choices mattered.

I was spoiled brat few years back
My parents, family even i didn’t think that i will do anything in my life.
My dad literally told me that i can feed you for next 20 years, next you have to feed yourself.

Eco of those words is still ringing in my ears.

Where was I and where I came
That’s a farthest distance I have crossed in such a shortest period of time

I remember how was I when I got admission and I’m analysing myself now

Only one thing added to my life
GB sir’s Company
And it did help me to get better person, better clinician, better student, better teacher, better friend and the most important an entrepreneur.

Now i can proudly say that I’m an entrepreneur
I told my family that if someone asks what do I do, tell them I’m a physio but also I’m an entrepreneur.

Thank you sir for teaching me many things i just can’t keep count of, for letting me do mistakes, for hitting me hard enough when it was needed, for betting on me.

I’ll keep learning from you forever.
You are truly a great mentor to me
You are my elder brother who keeps younger one on track but allows to do mistakes.

We always have listened to motivational speakers not because we are depressed but we don’t want to settle. We want to excel ourselves.
Ratan Tata always said I don’t take right decisions.
I take decisions and make them right.
My journey has changed it’s course just because of this line.

I feel whatever you choose in your life defines you.
What you are?
What you’ll be?

Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.

Thank you sir for showing me the right direction and letting me decide where I really want to be.

At GB school of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy, we choose to stay a team.
We are a team not because we work together.
We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

And also there is a saying
If you want to go fast, Go alone
But if you want to go far, Go together.

Together we have learnt many things from each other and every team member has a special position made by and for themselves.
We choose to be the best.
We choose to learn.
We choose to be entrepreneurs.
We choose to be the best therapists for our patients.
We choose to grow.
And yes
We are what we choose to be

Priyanka Paliwal : journey from observer to HOD in three months.

This is the story of Priyanka Paliwal, HOD at JM road clinic. She manages all the appointments, documentation, finances and accounting of the dept. She is just passed out bachelor but effective leader.

“Your efforts always pays you back”

My Journey..
I was in final year BPTh when I first had a chance to meet Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao with my uncle who was sir’s patient. Those two hours with sir were a great learning experience. The simple way of looking at complicated cases was the first thing that amazed me. And since then I always thought of working with him at least once.
I was lucky to get a chance to join The GB team as soon as I completed my UG. Thanks to my uncle Mukesh Paliwal.
3 months back..
My first day at GB school of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy, as an observer, was an interesting one! I remember the first talk with sir. His words, “You’re here because of your uncle not due to your credits. You need to prove why you deserve to be here. You have to prove your credibility. Entry in the team is by ‘invitation’ only”.

From that moment on the only thing I had in mind was to earn that special place in the GB team and that happened pretty soon! My journey was too fast, From obeservership in first to employee in second month, by third month I become HOD of JM road centre. Inspite of seniors in the team I got to be first HOD of the centre was unbelievable dream. Thanks to Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao for considering me worthy enough!
Being an observer to leading the team independently was a wonderful transition.

This wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team : Dr Aishwarya Shinde (my first colleague and friend in the team), Dr Akshay Jadhav, Dr Manish Ray, Vikram Polaskar and the list went on later..

Quoting GB sir again,
“You don’t work for me. Your work with me”
always gives a sense of confidence in each member of the team.
That’s a little secret behind this huge brand!!
We are not just a team but a family . Each member of our family is unique and irreplaceable. And I consider myself really special to be a part of it.
GB school of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy is not just a clinic but a second home for all our patients and the staff as well!
Treatment also includes a mandatory dose of competition, humor and fun along with the exercises!

There are a few rules that changed me forever and I’m sure they’ll help everyone..( Quoting GB sir again)
Rule 1 : Run so fast that nobody can ever catch you!
Rule 2 : You don’t need to think out of the box to be different. Just create another box!
Rule 3 : Change is the only constant thing. Stagnant water always stinks!
Rule 4 : Hardwork and Simplicity never lets you down!
Writing this story made me relive all those moments yet again.
You’re special if you’re a part of GB team but you’re a part of the team only if you’re SPECIAL!!

Author of article: Natasha Tungare

My purpose to come here (joining team of GB school Neuro rehab) :

I never had a single purpose but multiple purposes.
I came to explore if I’m interested in Ortho or Neuro but found that I’ve much more to learn.

We always hear something called business hacks, life hacks which none can ever teach us. The moment I observed how the system works here, I felt like WOW! This is the way billionaires work, this is the path they follow and grow continuously throughout their life.
What I learnt – Being a student of Physiotherapy, I learnt the CORRECT WAY of treating patients, the importance of repetitions, importance of long duration exercises, purpose as to why are we giving those exercises.
This doesn’t just end here. I learnt the significance of team work. Each one in the team can be a leader. “When a leader collapses, the followers collapse too. But when a leader collapses, the team leaders still are capable of running the system.”

I am learning the path of being a leader, rather a professional leader.
My goal- To be so good and perfect that I’m capable to run a center all by myself despite of the number of patients and inspire Future Budding Leaders!
Why am I Writing this? The moment you find out the purpose of doing something, it helps you explore what you exactly want. This write-up by me will always remind me what I want to achieve. Even if I divert away from my path, I know that I’ll still be on the correct track!

Janhavi Atre

She is working at JM road Deccan clinic.

Internship had just got over. This was officially a beginning of my ‘professional life’. One fine day,while chit chatting with my very good friend and now colleague Priyanka, I came to know about Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao Sir’s clinic and her experiences working with him. I had already heard a lot about him during my college days about his teaching but after hearing about my friend’s Amazing experiences of learning from sir, his treatment techniques and the way he approached his patients,I expressed my wish to my friend to be associated with him.
And the wonderful opportunity knocked the door one fine day. She invited me to be a part of the team.
I being me, shy, not so confident and nervous as it was my first day at the clinic, didn’t talk much the whole time. I was not active member. This is when I got my first teaching from sir, a teaching that will now last a lifetime. He said, “Unless you change your attitude, express yourself and don’t take efforts to be a part of the team and create your own place in it,you won’t be able to succeed”. This had a great impact on me. From next day I was actively participating in patient treatment. Sir had imparted confidence in me.
And from that day began my journey. A journey of exploring my own potential, learning new things. My perspective of Neuro evaluation,implementing various treatment techniques changed drastically. From just counting number of repetitions of every exercise to managing the clinic on my own, I could learn and this was only because of the opportunity that sir gave me..I am so grateful.
Thank you so much sir for introducing me to this school of Neuro Rehab and making me realize the leader potential in me.
Sir always says,’stop doubting yourself , work hard and make it happen’. Sir i promise, i will make it happen….

At GB School of neuro rehab we don’t recruit employees, we add members to our team of neuro rehab. Each member is important and they have specific role to play in the team. Their presence and skills add value to our team.

Every member joining team of GB’s School of neuro rehab and aquatic therapy has a amazing story to tell. This is the story of Sushmita Mendon. She is working at our Chinchwad clinic.

My journey with GB School of Neuro Rehab is little interesting …As i was completing my Bachelor of Physiotherapy i started having a great interest in Neuro Rehabilitation i always wanted to do something great in this field but had no clue how will i do it .. There were many things coming up in my mind like doing Master in physiotherapy , going abroad etc.. So after my bachelor i took a break of a month to decide about my future…I jus had one thing in my mind that was NEURO …So when i say Neuro there was one man always in my mind that was Dr Gajanan Bhalerao i had attended his workshop on PNF and i was so amazed to see a person with so much of dedication towards Neuro Rehab i always wanted a person like him to be my guide..So when i was back to my Hometown after my Bachelor i wanted to meet Dr Gajanan but had no source to connect with him only one thing i had was social media i was scared that how can i connect with such a great man through social media..As i had no option i had to drop a message because i desperately wanted to meet him and learn from him ..So after few days i got a reply with his contact number ..Literally that was one of my best day as i didn’t even expected that i would even get a reply from him .. Next day itself i went down to pune to meet him..He had called me at his Aquatic Therapy center as i entered in the center i was so amazed to see him and his dedication towards his patient he took some time out of his busy schedule and started guiding me about my future i just told him one thing that i need to learn from him and work with him so after few. weeks he allowed me to work with him and i was so happy that time i had no idea about where will i stay as i was very much new to the place and didn’t knew anyone but as a i joined his clinic everything was managed so easily that i didn’t feel like I’m staying far from my family as i easily found a paying guest and i started my journey with GB School of Neuro Rehab…its almost two months now i could feel the tremendous change in my self Professionally as well as Personally ..Confidence and ability to deal with people , leadership quality and many more its just endless every second there is something to learn from him ..i feel that I’m the most fortunate enough to be a part of GB School of Neuro Rehab..I’m experiencing one of the most beautiful journey with the team of GB school of Neuro Rehab…

Aditya Khachane.

This is the story of Aditya Kochane.

The joining…

It was a regular day at the neuro opd, some patients working out, some relaxing between exercises and wiping their sweaty foreheads, and there came this doctor, short by stature but not that short in skillset. I was new in the opd so I asked around, ‘who is that doctor, handling patients with such great authority and ease?’ And they replied ‘it’s GB sir, THE GB SIR.’
I’ve heard of the name but this was the first time I saw him. I was astounded by his work at that time itself and went there to introduce myself. Unlike most teachers, he didn’t begin interrogating me or testing my skills but rather gracefully welcomed me and started discussing the patient’s condition with me as an equal, I was flattered by such generous and humble nature of him.
Later that day, many things happened, out of which one was me asking around about GB sir. He was the person who called out the neuro physiotherapist within me. He made me realize there is more to neuro than what I had previously known. But this was not just about neuro, it was never about that.
I came to know about his clinic later that day, I asked Dr. Dinesh Chavan (another dedicated and humble member of the Bhalerao’s School of Neuro Rehab and Aquatic Therapy) about vacancy at the School, to which he replied yeah there is. I was excited to know this and asked him to set up a meeting with GB sir.
I went to the Bhalerao’s School of Neuro Rehab and Aquatic Therapy the next evening after winding up from my tiring 9-5 posting. I entered the clinic and there was Dr. Aishwarya Shinde and Dr. Priyanka Paliwal treating a patient with similar handling skills. My excitement was reaching out through the roof. There were also two other therapists patiently waiting for the interview with sir.
Sir entered the clinic and called all three of us together inside. Then he began with introductions and made it clear that not your marks but your dedication, loyalty and value of your word are the things on which you’ll be assessed.
This was not regular interview. Then he started asking us ‘why do you want to work with me?’ Everybody had their answers. I replied, ‘I am confused between neuro and sports at this moment. I’m also weak in neuro so would like to learn it from you. Also I’m pursuing my internship so I won’t be able to commit full time.’ To that he replied, ‘Bachcha you’re not very firm, internship is not your problem but decision is. You’re also lacking aggressiveness, make your goal clear. I’ll put you under observation for a few days and then we’ll decide.’ I was on the backfoot hearing his reply. Then he asked us all what’s our fastball and I replied, ‘I’m a workaholic.’ He liked that thing and asked us all to prove ourselves.
Then after the meeting, we’re out back with the patients. Now I was not tired, I was determined to prove myself. I started analyzing how things work in there, how are the protocols managed, how are the patients handled….
Then arrived the next day, now I was not worried about my 9-5 anymore rather I was excited about my 5-9. I wanted to be a part of the Bhalerao’s School of Neuro Rehab and Aquatic Therapy. I wanted to be a better therapist.
As soon as I got into clinic, I kept my bag aside and started helping with the patients’ treatments. I started to figure out little modifications. Seeing my one such modifications, sir showed everybody in the clinic how much jugado I’m and he told me to keep up the good work.
He spotted me many times solving problems and applauded me. This was getting interesting. Then on a Wednesday meeting, sir announced that, ‘Looking at your pace, you’ve stepped out from back foot to frontfoot. You’re now a member of the TEAM.’ This was a proud moment. I had finally joined the team. This was just the beginning of a long journey changing my outlook towards my profession.
Thank you sir for the wonderful opportunity!

Aditya Khachane

Story of Maria Lokhandwala

Hii!.. I am Marya Lokhandwala , one of GB sir’s team member and proudly so!

My journey with him began 3months back when i was given a private patient home visit by my senior , and i was happy to receive it as an added source of income. HOME VISITS for doctors mean good money in lesser no. of hours!

…so i started going for the visit and followed a fixed protocol which had been carefully designed by GB sir . However , he had given us free will to change or alter the treatment procedure according to patient progress and therapist rationale. It gave me immense freedom and i started challenging myself ; however when i would discuss the changes with sir , he always had extra inputs to add in terms of physiotherapy techniques as well as patient etiquettes and how to involve the patient in discussions. He also gave good success tips 😀 All in all this turned out to be a fun learning experience!

As i had entered the team , i had to attend their weekly growth meetings. what this meant was we would discuss our growth curve in a meeting , give inputs & suggestions and help each other . Sir would also discuss his plans of making GB school of neurorehab : a school with many branches where he could spread his love & passion for neurorehab. Even as employees , we got actively involved in even the finances and ‘ THE STEPS TO SET UP YOUR OWN CLINIC “<<<<
earned much more than what i had come to learn !!!

Story of Ishita Rambhia.

Being acquainted with GB sir since my first year of BPth in Sancheti, we came to know the real HIM when he became our class teacher in fourth year. One day I happened to ask him if I could join his clinic (The GB school of Neuro Rehab ) and he replied yes. The first thing he accepted us was as his TEAM MATE. “We work here in a team. We grow and progress as a team”, he said. TEAM ( Together Everyone Achieves More) is the meaning for me.<<<<
ne thing no one taught us but him is that the patient and the therapist are not different but work as One Unit.

Pt: Making them independent functionally

Therapist : Making us independent through experience

Pt: Setting up goals for their rehab

Therapist: Setting up targets, may it be educational or financial.

I learned that we have to define a purpose to achieve what we want. We work according to the principles of ‘work ethics’.

Thank you sir for believing in me and for making me a part of the TEAM. Happy to be a part of “GB CULTURE”.

Story of Poonam Aundhekar.
“Learnt to learn!”
So there was this day when I had more than a month left of vacations. I was in a confusion whether to sleep all day or opt for an observership. With heavy heart and to avoid regrets after vacation I thought of giving a try to do a very hard thing for that is try to ‘learn’ something new. So I thought of joining GB school of neuro rehab because of my liking for neuro. (Trying to find shortcuts may be to learn beacuse we all know we learn something fast in things we have ineterest in)< /span>So here comes my 1st day. The moment I stepped in that place that was something very different. The feel, the people, the liveliness of the place, the work ethics. Literally, EVERYTHING! In our graduating years we have always written our long term goal as TO MAKE THE PATIENT INDEPENDENT but how far did anyone achieve it who knows because if in short tern the patient is dependent then it’s difficult to achieve the prefix ‘in’ real soon.< /span>Here I learnt how a therapist can make the patient independent in going through his own treatment without being dependent on the therapist.< /span>As the days passed without realising that I am learning something new everyday I learnt so many things at the end of the day. I always asked myself that why it wasn’t difficult or boring to learn each day? And maybe today I got the that everything taught in GB school of neuro was kept so simple and clear that I didn’t realise that I learnt so much in such a less time.< /span>So if I would want to summarise my whole experience about this place in one line it would be, “I learnt how to make learning easy!”<< /span>ttps:// of Bindiya Ramchandani and Kavita Rajchandani from Indore.
Definite purpose:purpose to learn and explore
We took a Decision,<<<<
to make it PUBLIC,<<<<
re is the sally- a story with a definite purpose:<<<<
ose to learn and explore<<<<
y starts from our college days… working along with an NDT certified Pediatric Physiotherapist Dr. Aditi Neema (PT) we developed not only interest but a strong desire towards Neurophysiotherapy. Pediatric was just the part, better to say just a start of exploring different aspects of Neurophysiotherapy. In this search, Workshops were the best platform for hands on learning and one of them was “NDT adult certification” at Sancheti, Pune for which we were not eligible as it needs 2 yrs of experience.<<<<
ng the process of enquiry we came to know about Sancheti courses and one of them was ‘Fellowship in Neurophysiotherapy ‘.<<<<
e visiting the department of Sancheti we came to know about the incharge of the course “Dr Gajanan Bhalerao”<<<<
janan Bhalerao – wasn’t a new name but a familiar one always associated with Neurophysiotherapy.<<<<
e comes the 1st meeting with Dr Gajanan Bhalerao -<<<<
re waiting in his cabin… he enters, had a conversation regarding fellowship that was about to start within a month. The 15 minutes of that casual meeting impressed us and we started following him on social media as well as his blogs /articles, also went through his appealing Profile on WordPress.<<<<
cidentally one of our patient with spinal cord injury consulted him and the feedback from the patient built up our minds that we anyhow have to work with him.<<<<
ng 6 Months texting was always a means of communication with him but didn’t turned up and finally made a call<<<<
id- I am busy will call u back later<<<<
‘t expect but he called back….<<<<
id – Sir we wanted to work with you<<<<
id – come and meet me tomorrow, will discuss<<<<
he next day but definitely the next week, went Pune for a day especially to meet him.<<<<
eeting goes as…..<<<<
ill remember a strange look with these questions :<<<<
id u come to know about me?<<<<
brought you here?<<<<
th looked at each other and one by one answered his questions. It seemed that our answers didn’t made any impact on him as very quickly he said: ‘I am not damn interested in you people, i already have a team and don’t want to expand it'<<<<
aight forward ‘ NO’ disappointed us yet stubbornly we said : ” still sir we want to work with you”<<<<
he again said: ” मुझे तुम मे कोई interest नहीं है “but he also added…” पर मुझे जिद्दी लोग पसंद है और तुम दोनों जिद्दी हो and through your consistent messages and calls i can see your ‘Commitment’.
We again stared each
ime happily as finally he agreed and asked us to join his clinic – GB School of Neuro Rehab and Aquatic Therapy.
Within a month 3rd Ju
his clinic, it was the same day he started with his morning OPD.
The first two days we
protocol and the 3rd day he introduced us to his team as well as his concept of –
1.Repetitive and high
functional exercises
2.Make exercise simpl
3.Keep challenging th
make him work
He gave us all the fr
gn new exercises following the concept and soon we learned to manage the clinic independently.
And within a month se
tion and passion he awarded us with his ‘Brand T-shirt’ saying that – “You have earned it”
Its just 2 months of
we have a different vision towards
w in
>meeton Tuesda
d We
day not only educate us but are an instruments of change.
Journey Continues….
say that
“Physiotherapist at G
euro Rehab and Aquatic Therapy is not merely an employee but a team member who works with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.”


6 responses to “HOW TO BUILD THE DREAM TEAM ?

  1. Dear Gajanan,Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and i absolutely believe in what you have mentioned in those two points.I would certainly keep this in mind while implementing and may need your assistance in such matters.Please feel free to give me more suggestions without any hesitation.May i request you to whatsapp me the you tube video. Best Wishes


  2. Hi sir really inspired by your initiative in sharing your knowledge of achieving your dream.We all are running for our goals but the way you are sharing knowledge will really help all those who want to succeed.Learing from each other and helping other is best way to succeed.


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