Every physiotherapist want to start their own rehab centre or physio clinic. But very few are able to do it. This is because there is no guidance or training on how to do physiotherapy start-up. There are many physiotherapy start-up are doing very well in their start up business but no one or very fewContinue reading “PHYSIOTHERAPY START UP BUSINESS: 6 MONTHS HAND HOLDING COURSE”


To start your own start up or physio clinic or rehab centres you should educate how to start the business. Business triangle:   Money doesn’t make you rich or poor, education does!  Robert Kiyosaki So you  need to educate yourself about “How to  build the dream team?”. Team plays a significant role is success ofContinue reading “HOW TO BUILD THE DREAM TEAM ?”

STEP TALK : “Don’t be just good, be great”

“Don’t be just good, be great” STEP TALK By: Gajanan bhalerao  i have started STEP (sancheti Talent enhancement program)  talk, based on TED talk concept for motivation and development of studnets. This is a summery of STEP talk on 16/07/2017.   We are trained to be average! Why? When we can conquer the world, standContinue reading “STEP TALK : “Don’t be just good, be great””

Fundamentals of success i followed in life: Be a part of successful system -Gajanan Bhalerao

Every one of us wants to be successful. There are many great personalities who have achieved great success in this world. But not everyone can be successful like them. Does that mean that we can’t achieve success? To become a successful person in community is biggest  challenge. But if you can’t become successful on yourContinue reading “Fundamentals of success i followed in life: Be a part of successful system -Gajanan Bhalerao”

Fundamentals of success I followed in life.

These some basic fundamentals of success I follow, which I learned through my experiences in my life: Live your life like, you are going to write an autobiography which will be inspiration to others. Read more BELIEVE in yourself at every moment in life. Appreciate yourself and remember no one in the world appreciates youContinue reading “Fundamentals of success I followed in life.”