It integrates system therapy with motor relearning theory. Central tenet: – the interacting systems within the CNS are organized around essential functional task and the environment in which the task is performed. The key to understanding & promoting control understands of tasks. The essential element within task. This approach also based on the theory thatContinue reading “MOTOR RELEARNING PROGRAM REFLECTS THROUGH KEY FEATURES”

MOTOR LEARNING PROGRAM (MRP);Theoretical framework:

MOTOR LEARNING PROGRAM (MRP);Theoretical framework: 3. Principle of the functional task oriented approach. The task-oriented approach is based on a systems model of motor control & theories of motor learning. The approach attempts to understand the problems faced by the nervous system to control & learning from the perspective of neurophysiology, biomechanics, & behavioral sciences.Continue reading “MOTOR LEARNING PROGRAM (MRP);Theoretical framework:”

Two distinct paradigm shifts in the treatment of neurological disorder, particularly stroke.

The first paradigm shift: Neurotherapeutic approaches The principle of neurotherapeutic approaches although each neurotherapeutic approach is different from each other; all approaches share some common element. In this study NDT approach is selected because this approach is historically has been the most widely used in stroke rehabilitation.  The second paradigm shift: functional task oriented trainingContinue reading “Two distinct paradigm shifts in the treatment of neurological disorder, particularly stroke.”

Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions:: Bobath Approach

Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions  1. Neurophysiological considerations. The physical handicap resulting from a lesion of the upper motor neuron is seen in terms of an interference of normal postural control. We are dealing with abnormal coordination of motor patterns. If we speak of ‘patterns of coordination’, we mean the pattern ofContinue reading “Nature of handicap of patient with brain lesions:: Bobath Approach”

What to do while application of Bobath Approach?

What to do while application of  Bobath Approach? The abnormal patterns must be stopped not so much by modifying the sensory input, but by giving back to the patient the lost or undeveloped control over his out put in developmental sequence. The basic patterns of posture & movement, the righting reaction & equilibrium responses are elicitedContinue reading “What to do while application of Bobath Approach?”