GB School of neuro rehab Intensive Training module

GB School of neuro Rehab and aquatic therapy is one step Speciality center for all the needs of patients suffering for neurological diseases. GB School was developed for providing Intensive training for neuro rehabilitation by experts in neuro Rehab and using advance technologies to provide fast recovery of functional activities. Here we focus on IntensiveContinue reading “GB School of neuro rehab Intensive Training module”

GB School of neuro rehab Basic Training module

In this module patient will treated with less intensive training with aim of teaching basic bed mobility, sitting balance, standing balance and walking training. There will 10-20 repetitions of each exercises, more breaks will be provided based on patients physical capacity and tolerance. This rehab module is advised for the Initial stage patient 1 weekContinue reading “GB School of neuro rehab Basic Training module”

What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy involves the treatment of people with movement and function disorders that have cause by neurological diseases. These patients shows paralysis / loss of strength /muscle weakness, loss of sensation, poor balance and coordination, uncontrolled muscle spasm and tremors and loss of function . Neurological Physiotherapy works on improving motor control limbs and trunk,Continue reading “What is Neuro Physiotherapy?”


Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) can be defined as a traumatic or non-traumatic event that leads to neural damage that influences motor-, sensory – and respiratory function, as well as bladder -, bowel – and sexual function. The neurological interruption also affects the individual’s blood pressure, skin integrity and ability to regulate temperature. SCIs don’t onlyContinue reading “SPINAL CORD INJURY REHAB”

GB School of Stroke Rehab concept

GB school of stroke rehab focuses on intensive rehabilitation training with high intensity, high repetitions and high frequency to improve the motor learning and motor control real life activities and movements Task Specific Training Provide task specific training to patient with neurological disability. Practice Provide intensive therapy with high repetition/ practice, high intensity and regularContinue reading “GB School of Stroke Rehab concept”


Neurological patient have weakness in upper and lower leading to poor control of mobility, transfers and walking. due to this it become them difficult to go neuro rehab to hospital of OPD. We provide hove visit/ care for patient with neurological disorders. We skilled neuro therapist to give home visit. Both male and female therapistContinue reading “HOME CARE NEURO PHYSIOTHERAPY / REHABILITATION”

” GAIT MADE EASY”: Understanding kinetic and kinematics of gait made easy

Bio-mechanics of Gait was always a common topic but understanding and remembering the kinematics (angles) and kinetic (muscle work) was always difficult for most us during graduation of physiotherapy. Kinetics ? Kinematics ? Graphs? GRF ? ohhh its so difficult and confusing. This poor understanding of the subject haunted us throughout our professional life. HereContinue reading “” GAIT MADE EASY”: Understanding kinetic and kinematics of gait made easy”