Research and Publications

Topics covered

  1. Gajanan Bhalerao, Vivek Kulkarni. Comparison of Motor Relearning Program and Bobath Approach in acute stroke rehabilitation. Indian journal of orthopedic and rehabilitation. Vol 1. 2010.
  2. Participation & Participation Restrictions in a Teenager with Downs Syndrome: an Indian Scenario. NDTA Network on the net,Nov-Dec 2011: Adults with congenital Disabilities Vol 18, Issue 6
  3. Gajanan Bhalerao, Vivek Kulkarni. Comparison of motor relearning program versus Bobath approach at every two weeks interval for improving activities of daily living and ambulation in Acute stroke rehabilitation. International Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciences. 2013 Vol. 3 (3) September-December, pp.70-77
  4. Gajanan Bhalerao, Shanita Fernandes, Rachana Dabadghav, NilimaBedekar, Ashok Shyam, Parag Sancheti. Current practice and concept of voluntary control and its clinical application among physical therapist. Accepted for publication in  Indian Journal of occupational & Physical Therapy.
  5. Gajanan Bhjalerao & Shah Hetali.. Perspective of neuro therapeutic approaches preferred for stroke rehabilitation by physiotherapists. Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and occupational Therapy.
  6. Bhalerao Gajanan, Koli Vibhavari. Correlation between voluntary control in lower limb and gait parameter in patients with chronic stroke. Submitted to Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases.
  7. Bhalerao Gajanan, Koranne Niyotee & KulkarniHarshal. Factors affecting functional independence and quality of life in chronic traumatic spinal cord injury patients. Submitted to Int J of Health Care Quality Assurance.
  8. Bhalerao Gajanan & Nair Sneha. Current clinical practices in hemiplegic rehabilitation among physiotherapists. Submitted to International Journal of clinical research and review (IJCRR).
  9. Bhalerao Gajanan & Patil Renuka. Immediate effect of shoe raise on unaffected side on spacio temporal parameters and physiological cost index in hemiplegic-Pilot study. Submitted to International Journal of clinical research and review (IJCRR).
  10. Bhalerao Gajanan & Fadnavis Rajashree. Relationship of quality of upper limb function to manual ability, gross motor function classifications and self care skills in children with spastic diplegia. Submitted for Indian J of Pediatrics.
  11. Bhalerao Gajanan &  Chandali Doshi. Effectiveness of motor re- learning programme (MRP) vs Bobath approach in improving ambulation in of chronic hemiplegics. Clinical rehab
  12. Bhalerao Gajanan & Parab Dhanashree. Current clinical practices and teachings in hemiplegic rehabilitation in Physiotherapy educational institutes of Maharashtra.  Submitted to International Journal of clinical research and review (IJCRR).

Current ongoing research Project.

  1. Jajoo Prachi & Bhalerao Gajanan. Comparison of HABIT and modified HABIT in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. MPT Neuro Dissertation Project of MUHS Nashik.
  2. Parab Dhanashree & Bhalerao Gajanan. Effect of use of shoe raise on uninvolved leg with Motor Relearning Programme on ambulation in chronic stroke. MPT Neuro Dissertation Project of MUHS Nashik.
  3. Motwani Shalaka & Bhalerao Gajanan. Comparing the efficacy of various lower limb orthosis on gait parameters in hemiplegic patients with genu recurvatum. MPT Neuro Dissertation Project of MUHS Nashik.
  4. Dunung Riddhi & Bhalerao Gajanan. Comparison of balance, and gross motor development in school going children: rural versus urban population. MPT Neuro Dissertation Project of MUHS Nashik.

My paper Presentation

  1. Presented scientific paper in International congress on Neurology and Rehabilitation (ICNR) 2010, Goa and got Young Presenter’s Scholarship Award in the same conference.
  2. Presented scientific paper in international conference, AWP WCPT IAP conference Mumbai2009.
  3. Awarded as second Best Paper in All Medicine faculty in scientific paper presentation  at AVISHKAR MUHS Intra-University level, at Nashik 2010
  4. State level research competition. Awarded as Best Paper in physiotherapy faculty, in scientific paper presentation  at AVISHKAR MUHS Intra-University level, at Aurangabad 2009
  5. Presented scientific paper in AVISHKAR Inter-University competition at state level in Solapur 2009.
  6. Presented scientific paper in Indian academy of cerebral palsy, Jabalpur 2010.

23012011(001) 23012011(003)

Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao (PT) with Dr. Arun Jamkar Vice chancellor MUHS NAshik.

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