This Page will discuss about the issues, different methods practised and case studies of patients suffering from stroke.

  1. hemi LL & UL ex home exercise program

  3. Hemi : exercise to improve shoulder and elbow control in weak and subluxated shoulder
  4. Training of shoulder control in supine – use of placing reaction
  5. hemi:   reducing hip spasticity using lunges on bed
  7. hemi: reducing hip spasticity lunges on high plinth
  10. hemi :  reducing hip spasticity one leg on bed and forward bending with rotation trying to touch touching toes of the leg on ground
  12. hemi: abnormal sit to stand from bed – avoid this type of sit to stand
  13. hemi :  abnormal supine to sit avoid this type of supine to sit
  14. hemi :  normal supine to side lying to  sit training
  15. hemi :  normal supine to side lying to  sit training modified using wedge and pillows 
  16. Hemi :balance training by playing football
  17. hemi: bi manual training, walking wiht tray and glass.

hemi: bi manual training,walking with picking up chair

mirror therapy

paper crumpling

reducing UL spasticity

hemi swipping the floor training

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